A Group Exhibition curated by C.C. McKee

at Zach’s Crab Shack + The Arts League

September 16 – October 21, 2023

Opening Reception September 30th 5-8pm

Featuring: Adams Anne, Pap Souleye Fall, Ren Mahon, Jules Malice, Abbey Muza, Vitche-Boul Ra

Schedule of Events& Performances

Opening Reception and Performance

by Vitche-Boul Ra

September 30th 5-8pm

Live Projection Mapping and Sound Performance

by Jules Malice

October 6th 6-8

Closing Reception and Performance

by Pap Souleye Fall

October 20th 6-8pm

Gallery hours are on Friday from 1-3pm, Saturday from 3-5pm, or by appointment. Reach out via email or on instagram!!!

</cascading error//errant catalyst/> shakes us from the complacency of capitalism’s extractive logic and mutinies against the naturalization of its exhaustive practices from the errant space/place of the error—a wrench in the works that might also be a way forward. This exhibition grafts cybernetic theory onto ecocritical philosophies to chronicle queer/trans, Black, and more-than-human epistemologies in the face of climate catastrophe and ecological collapse. The cascading error emerges as a wandering possibility for divergent worlding, a catalyst for the fluorescence of collective dissolution. Curated by C.C. McKee by invitation of Zach’s Crab Shack, </cascading error//errant catalyst/> is an exhibition that spans the shack, the yard surrounding it, and the gallery inside of The Arts League. These spaces will be activated throughout the run of the show with several live performances that expand on the works presented.

Accessibility Statement

Zach’s Crab Shack can be accessed from the front of The Arts League on a concrete path or through the alleyway behind the building. The concrete path has one small step coming off of the sidewalk and one small step entering the yard. There are no steps coming in from the alleyway, which is accessible by car. The yard itself is mostly dirt that is relatively level. Zach’s Crab Shack has a 1 ft step to enter the space and the majority of the exhibition within the shack can be viewed from outside of the structure. A bathroom is located inside of the building, up several concrete steps in the front or back. The bathroom itself is not ADA.

Half of this exhibition is housed in the gallery inside of The Arts League. During the opening, the performance will take place in the yard. The other two performances will take place inside The Arts League. Seating is available both inside and outside for all events and gallery hours.

Come out and enjoy the show, but please… DO NOT TOUCH THE CRABS!!



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