UCAL prides itself on creating a safe environment for our classes. We have been Covid-free since opening this summer.

Screening–no one comes to UCAL sick.

  • Staff and Faculty will self-screen before coming to work. 
  • Students dropped off by their parents will be screened by UCAL staff. This will include a temperature and symptom check. 
  • Parents will drop students off at the front porch at the appropriate pick-up time (12 noon – 1 pm, or 3 – 4 pm) and not enter the building. 
  • Pick-up will also happen on the front porch (2:30 – 3 pm, or 5:30 – 6 pm). 

Screening questions and procedures:

Temperature check. If you have a fever do not come to UCAL until symptoms cease. A fever is a temperature of 100.4 or higher. 

Do you  have:

A: cough? B: shortness of breath?

If yes, do not come to UCAL until symptoms cease. 

Do you have 2 or more of the following symptoms?

A: Fever

B: Chills

C: Headache

D: Sore throat

E: Muscle pain

F: New loss of taste or smell

If yes to 2 or more do not come to UCAL until symptoms have stopped. 

Have you been exposed to anyone with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days? 

If yes then you cannot come to UCAL until the proper quarantine period has expired. 

If you have signs of COVID-19, do not come to UCAL until:

    • You have tested negative for COVID and are otherwise well enough to go back to class 


    • A healthcare provider has seen you and documented a reason for the symptoms other than COVID 


    • All are true: 1) at least 10 days since the start of symptoms AND 2) fever free off anti-fever medicines for 3 days AND 3) symptoms are getting better.

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you will alert UCAL and not come back to UCAL unless:

  • It has been at least 14 days since you had symptoms AND 
  • You have had no fever off anti-fever medicines (ex: Tylenol, Ibuprofen) for 3 days AND
  • You have been cleared by a healthcare professional 

If someone in your household is diagnosed with COVID-19 or you are exposed to COVID-19, you will self-quarantine for 14 days and not come to UCAL. 

Masks on

  • Masks are mandatory. Students have a space on the front porch (next to the office) to take “mask breaks” but otherwise they will always be worn. 

Social Distancing and small groups

  • Classroom spaces have been re-worked to provide 6 feet of space between students
  • Outside classes and play are encouraged where possible, weather permitting
  • Each class is full at 6 registrations, or half of our usual capacity, students remain isolated in their group of 6. Half-day groups are 12 total. 
  • Mixing between classroom groups during transitions, play, and snack time, will be restricted

Limited shared materials and sanitization

  • Student seating in classes will be assigned
  • Each student will receive non-shared art materials for class
  • Any shared surfaces will be limited and regularly sanitized

Students should bring

  • Water bottle
  • A quiet activity such as homework (chromebooks allowed) or a book for free-time use, there are no shared-toys or games at UCAL for the time being
  • a bag lunch

Building sanitation

  • UCAL is professionally cleaned twice a week
  • Faculty, Staff, and Students regularly work to sanitize shared surfaces
  • Handwashing is built into the daily schedule and sanitizing stations are on all floors of the building

Class Cancellation and Refund Policy for all classes:

UCAL will provide a make-up class or refund credit to the student’s account if UCAL or an instructor needs to cancel a class. We do not provide make-up classes or credit for students who can’t attend a class due to their own schedule conflicts. 

Tuition is refunded between the first and second class only. 48 hours prior notice is required to cancel a one-day program. If UCAL cancels a class, full tuition will be refunded. After School Arts Program closures due to inclement weather or catastrophe closures by the School District of Philadelphia do not fall under this policy and no refund will be issued for those closures.

COVID-19 Emergency shutdown/refund policy : 

Students not willing to follow UCAL’s safety procedures will be kicked out of class and a refund will not be offered.

If another stay-at-home order is issued by the city or state, UCAL classes will move to a virtual format. This applies to both adult and children’s programs. 

If UCAL needs to shut down because a student or staff member has tested positive for Covid-19, UCAL classes will move to a virtual format. 

If you become sick during the course of a UCAL session and have to self-quarantine we ask that you consider the tuition of your missed classes a donation to UCAL, allowing us to continue to pay our artists and keep our doors open during this difficult time. If this represents an extreme hardship for you we can offer you a partial refund for the missed classes. Whatever you do, do not put the community at risk by coming to UCAL sick.

UCAL Scenes and set up:

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